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One Chain Vineyards, The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon

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6 Bottles   £60.00    SAVE £2.94   (£10.00 Per Bottle)

Easily one of our most popular wines. This Cab Sauv comes from the Limestone Coast in South Australia, an already well known area that produces some of the finest Australian Cabs around. I’ve got to admit, the best description for this wine has got to be the one on the back of the bottle, which reads:

“Sometimes you've got to stick up for yourself...Fight for what is right in this world and uphold some good old fashioned values. Of course, one must always retain one's manners and obey the rules - just ask the Pugilist. He's powerful, thick skinned but well bred and with the manners and sense of fair play of a true gent. We all know that Cabernet has taken a bit of a beating but the Pugilist, with its well judged power and pace, shows just why it is the big hitter of all of the grape varieties. Elegant and poised yet rugged and strong, it is the epitome of the iron fist in the silken glove.”

Even without the cool personification, this is a fantastic wine, and an excellent accompaniment to the other wines in the One Chain range that we stock like ‘The Opportunist.’ Excellent value for money, too.

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One Chain Vineyards, The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon