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Wine Tasting
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The Amazing wines of the Lebanon

Date of tasting: 11/07/2008
Location: Old School House

Ever thought that the Lebanon was a ‘one trick pony’ when it comes to making world class wines?

Or maybe you’ve never even thought of the Lebanon as a serious wine producing country………

Forget the cheap jokes about ‘bullets in bottles’ the one time French colony has a long heritage of wine making way beyond its current troubled times.

Tonight we welcome to the Old School House Lucy and Elias Khoneizer proprietors of Lebanese Fine Wines Ltd. who will be guiding us through this fascinating country’s wines, geography and history.

Plus Karen Kitchener from Domaine de Lauroux

If that wasn’t enough! By pure chance Karen Kitchener from Domaine de Lauroux will be making a visit to the UK so will also be popping in at the Old School House to tell us a little of her life in Gascony making our super popular ‘ironing wine’.So, if you've ever wondered what it is really like to leave the comfort of secure employment and go and 'live the dream' making wine in the south of France, then this is the perfect opportunity to find out.

Two Tastings for the price of one!

Tickets as usual are £5 per peson (refundable against any purchase of £5 or more on the night)

The wines were as follows;

Domaine Lauroux (Hosted by Karen Kitchner)

1/Domaine Lauroux, Blanc

2/Domaine Lauroux, Rouge

Lebanese Wines (Hosted by Lucy and Elias Khoneizer)

3/Domaine des Tourelles Rose

4/Rouge de Cana

5/Cuvee Lamartine

6/Jars of Cana

7/Chateau de Cana, ‘Clos de Cana’

8/Château Musar 1999

9/Marquis des Beys, Grand Cuvee 2004

10/Marquis des Beys, Grand Cuvee 2003