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Wine Tasting
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Hard Cheeses and Wine

Date of tasting: 26/02/2009
Location: Old School House, Tittensor

(Please note Thursday Night tasting)

Wine and Cheese Part 2: Hard Cheeses

I bet nearly everyone has been to a ‘Cheese and Wine’ tasting before, and I bet that the majority of your experiences of cheese and wine have involved a rather random selection of hard, soft and blue cheeses eaten in various order and washed down with an equal assortment of random wines.

There is a reasoned argument that says that wine and cheese are not good bedfellows (take a look at wine writer Jancis Robinson’s article on the subject at ) however even Jancis admits to the fact that drinking wine when eating cheese is a pleasurable pastime even if sometimes one or the other dominates.

So this gave us the idea for a series of tastings, where the type of cheese is central and the classic wine matches are put to the test. To keep this vaguely scientific we’ve divided the tastings into three separate tastings.

The second part of this Cheese Trilogy: ‘Hard Cheese’ will be held on Thursday 26th February 7pm to 9pm and will feature the following cheese and wine matches:

Gruyere and Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

Tasty Lancashire and Red Leicester with Syrah/Shiraz based reds

Mature Cheddar and Mature Cabernet Merlot blends

Manchego with Amontillado Sherry or Rioja styled reds.

Pecorino and Parmesan with Chianti and Tuscan wines

The key to the evening will be to have the discipline to taste ‘the right’ cheese with ‘the right’ wine and to do them in ‘the right’ order. In this case though I’m not sure that there will be too many mismatches here in fact there seems to be lots of opportunity for improvised pairings.

As ever numbers are restricted to 35 maximum

Cost is £10 with £5 refundable against any purchase (of £5 or more) on the night.

To reserve tickets please do one of the following:

Call us 01782 372888
Call in for a ticket Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm
Click on the link below

As usual you must be 18 years of age to attend. Please also note that many of the cheeses will be made from unpasteurised milk.

Diary Date for Part 3 is as follows:

‘Blue Cheese’ Friday 6th March 2009