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View our Top 10 recommended Wines

As recommnded by the professionals or Old School Wines as we like to be called. Also a Top 10 list of customer bought wines is below our recommended list.

1   Artadi, Rioja 'Pagos Viejos', Rioja
Artadi, Rioja 'Pagos Viejos', Rioja A group of winemakers, village men and women with rooted traditions who focused on the vineyard and its wines, founded Artadi. Old vineyards with a balanced production, nurtured winemaking and thoughtful permanence. A wine with intense color, a complex bouquet, structured in the mouth, with an elegant and long, lingering finish, distinguished and enriched by the peculiarities of each vintage.
Price: £46.00 More Information >>

2   Front Row, Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier, Swartland
Front Row, Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier, Swartland This 'Front Row' white wines is made by Stefan Basson at his estate on the Perdeberg in Swartland. Blending estate wines with cuvées sourced from long-term collaborators, Stefan has crafted a pair of wines which demonstrate the style and value for money the Cape can offer. Mocha and chocolate with dark berry flavours are complimented by spicy undertones; the mouthfeel is soft elegant, with fine length on the finish.
Price: £8.99 6 Case: £51.00 More Information >>

3   I Favati, Greco di Tufo 'Terrantica', Campania
I Favati, Greco di Tufo 'Terrantica', Campania I Favati winery represents the culmination of a tradition dating back to the early 1900s, when the family’s ancestors began making wine in the traditional way for their own table and for a few close friends. I Favati winery is located today in Cesinale, a town and surrounding hilly area in the heart of Irpinia (east of Naples, in the region of Campania). Straw yellow color. Bouquet of honey and almonds with nuances of yellow flowers. Full bodied, almost creamy in the mouth with flavors of honey and excellent acidity.
Price: £16.99 6 Case: £99.00 More Information >>

4   Nostros, Gran Reserva Chardonnay
Nostros, Gran Reserva Chardonnay The cool Casablanca Valley allows winds from the nearby ocean to create superb growing conditions for elegant Chardonnay. This example has been barrel fermented to give a richer, toastier style but with vibrantly zesty citrus fruit still providing the backbone. A very popular chardonnay with our customers indeed!
Price: £10.49 6 Case: £60.00 More Information >>

5   La Crotta di Vegneron, Gamay, Valle d'Aosta
La Crotta di Vegneron, Gamay, Valle d'Aosta Situated in the Val d’Aosta DOC, Le Crotta di Vegneron vines are grown on southward facing, fragmented vineyards set on alpine like steep mountain slopes in the most North Westerly region of Italy in the Val d'Aosta. La Crotta di Vegneron’s philosophy centres on the enhancement of autochthonous vines such as Petit Rouge, Fumin, and Vien de Nus, in addition to the traditional ones such as Muscat de Chambave and Nus Malvoisie. Ruby red with a dainty, yet intense and persistent floral and fruity aroma of violet and strawberry. The wine is dry, mellow, and pleasantly fresh with elegant tannins and a lovely fruity finish
Price: £13.99 6 Case: £81.00 More Information >>

6   Tenute Rubino, Salento Bianco 'Marmorelle', Salento, Puglia
Tenute Rubino, Salento Bianco 'Marmorelle', Salento, Puglia Tommaso Rubino, a firm believer in Salento's potential, acquired in the 1980's four seperate estates to demonstrate the diversity of the region. His goal was to show Salento wine at it's very best and through the diverse range that his family now offer, made from local varietals like the fascinating Susamaniello and more well known ones such as Primitivo, they are well on their way. Straw yellow with green tinges. Rich and intense with floral notes, alternating with apple, peach, apricot and almond. Soft and full, reflecting the Brindisi Terroir. Rich, full bodied and persistent.
Price: £10.99 6 Case: £63.00 More Information >>

7   Coin Des Coquins, Sauvignon Blanc/Gros Manseng
Coin Des Coquins, Sauvignon Blanc/Gros Manseng Coin de Coquins offer dual varietal blends that take the best of Southern French traditional winemaking and add a little new world know-how. A blend of the classic Sauvignon Blanc grape with the rather unusual variety Gros Manseng from the south of France. This aromatic white wine has pungent citrus fruit with some subtle notes of honey and melon. On the palate the lemon, orange and honey flavours are backed up with zippy acidity making it refreshing and lively.
Price: £8.49 6 Case: £48.00 More Information >>

8   Cuvee des Lices, Cotes de Provence, Provence
Cuvee des Lices, Cotes de Provence, Provence Deep rooted in tradition, Ravoire et Fils is a family-run company founded in 1987. Two decades of energy have been devoted to making fine quality wines. Located at the foot of the Luberon, Roger Ravoire, heir to a dynasty of winemakers, puts care and patience into producing wines that reflect the authenticity of the soil and the originality of the vintage. This wine is a delightful, delicate salmon orange colour typical of all top quality Provence rosé. The nose is a fresh, summery mix of light strawberry, citrus fruits, peach and floral hints. There is a touch of creamy suppleness too.
Price: £11.99 6 Case: £69.00 More Information >>

9   Quintas do Homem, Casa do Homem Branco, Vinho Verde
Quintas do Homem, Casa do Homem Branco, Vinho Verde Quintas do Homem is a thriving family run business, located in the Vila Verde district of Braga. They are serious about sustainability, farming as naturally as possible to establish a balanced environment in the vineyards where the vines do not depend on artificial fertilisers, but exist in perfect partnership with the soil. Created from the Loureiro and Arinto grapes varieties, this is bright and a citrus colour. The aroma is fruity with floral notes. It is very elegant and fresh in the mouth with a vibrant acidity.
Price: £9.99 6 Case: £57.00 More Information >>

10   Casa Defra, Raboso Rose Frizzante
Casa Defra, Raboso Rose Frizzante Fantastic value pink fizz! This is just beautiful wine and a great alternative to more expensive fizz. Fresh summer berry fruit and smooth effervescent bubbles. Essential party fizz, this stuff looks and tastes the part but comes at an unbeatably good price.
Price: £9.49 6 Case: £54.00 More Information >>