Wine Finder - How it works

Decide which of the following search criteria is important to you in finding your ideal wine:

Using the drop down menus for each criteria simply select the ones that most accurately match your requirements. You can select any number of these criteria in order to narrow down your search.
So examples of a popular search might be:

Once you have selected the criteria, simply click search and in a split second WineFinder will have suggestions for you to view.

Each time the WineFinder will produce selections from the database from which you can read the detailed tasting notes and order or reject the selection.

It’s very simple, easy and quick to use.

Equally from the criteria on the individual wine pages, one can select to search for other wines with a common criteria e.g. the same grape variety, price or style simply by clicking on the word e.g. Pinot Noir as it appears in the criteria on the right of the page.
In a split second you can flick from one search to another.

However, if you know the name or part of the name of the wine you are searching for then simply enter this information into the ‘Wine Name’ box and click search.