• Goat Cheese Wine Pairings You’ll Love

    One classic white. One classic red. Plus, a few others for those looking to go beyond simple chèvre for goat cheese wine pairing.


    Don’t overthink goat cheese wine pairings! Just remember the following: What grows together, goes together. Goat cheese is the pride of the Loire Valley of France. So, try pairing it with wines from the Loire Valley. Sauvignon Blanc if you like whites. Cabernet Franc if you like reds. Here’s why.
    Best Option: Sauvignon Blanc
    Going French? Look for Touraine, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Saint Bris or these regional names.
    Why Sauvignon Blanc? Because your average piece of goat cheese is a blank slate, ready to be impressed upon. (A tart, earthy blank slate, but a blank slate nonetheless!) Sauvignon Blanc wines are the perfect chisels. Acidic, mineral-driven, and citrusy as hell, they impart all that goodness into the cream, giving it the extra herbal flavors you didn’t know it needed to have. Plus, it preps the palate for the next bite, which is a given, because who does a “one and done” with this combination? Seriously.
    Short on Sauv Blanc? Chenin Blanc, the Loire’s most widely grown white grape is an excellent, excellent alternative. Look for white wines with Vouvrayor Touraine on the label for standout examples.

    Red Wine Option: Cabernet Franc
    Going French? Look for Chinon, Bourgueil, Anjou, Coteaux du Loir, Saumur.
    Why Cabernet Franc? Since you simply insist on red wine with your goat cheese, Cabernet Franc is a great choice. The Loire Valley produces lighter styles with more herbaceous notes and tart acidity. Bigger, fruitier wines may sound nice with this gamy cut of curd, but in practice, it overwhelms the soft, impressionable nature of goat cheese.
    Cab Franc a little scarce? Red wines from cool-climates like (Gamay, Malbec, Merlot, and Syrah) are often a safe bet with their higher acidity and delicate flavors. To learn more and find great cool-climate wines yourself, check out this article!