Matusalem Platico Rum, Dominican Republic

Matusalem Platico Rum, Dominican Republic

A very high-quality triple-distilled, solera-aged rum, filtered and refined to create a spirit of exceptionally clean taste, delicate balance and subtle flavour.

Tasting notes: 

A fairly intense aroma of molasses is evident from the moment you pour it in your glass. Some spices, vanilla, and crushed peanuts mingle with the sweet and burnt sugar aromas. Maple and bourbon-y flavors come into play with a tangy taste. You won't really be sipping this neat, of course, and with that said, this is a perfectly fine clear rum that isn't neutral in flavor. It will add depth to any cocktail asking for a clear rum.

  • Country - Dominican Republic
  • Bottle Size - 70cl
  • Alcohol - 40%


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